Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the list of frequently asked questions from users of Jamaica Classified Online. See if your question is answered in one of the below posts. If not, feel free to contact us.

It can be very expensive to advertise your motor vehicle, house, phone and more in Jamaica. Thankfully, Jamaica Classified Online provides this for FREE for advertisers in Jamaica.

In this post, I will explain how easy it is to advertise on Jamaica Classified Online for free.
  • Step 1 - Sign up for an account
  • Step 2 - Click on the plus button (+) to post your ad
  • Step 3 - Include the details of your ad
  • Step 4 - Upload photos
  • Step 5 - Submit

  • Jamaica Classified Online allows you to advertise for FREE and also charge a fee if you are interested in Premium Advertisements.

    The difference is that a FREE ad eventually gets pushed down in the listings as more and more content is posted daily. With a Premium Ad, your Ad is displayed at the top of the Home Page, Search Results and Category of your Ad - which means you will get a lot of views and a faster sale for your Ad. To find out more about Premium Ads, click HERE

    How long does the subscription last?

    The subscription will last for 30 days once it has been activated.


    How soon will I get a place?

    This is dependent on the availability of listings based on your criteria. Once listings are found that match your preference this will be provided to you.


    How much does it cost?

    The cost for the search assistance service is 2000 JMD or 16 USD.


    How often will I get notified?

    You will be notified continually throughout the 30 day period once a match is found.


    Where can I make payments?

    Payments can be made to our Scotia account (Think Brite Solutions Limited) via online transfer, deposit to physical bank location or through a PayPal account once the account number is provided.


    Why do I have to pay?
    The service is offered to provide assistance for individuals for tasks that may be of an inconvenience, we, therefore, provide an easier method which is effective based on our strategies and resources.


    Am I the first person to receive a list?

    The list that is sent may not only be sent to you but it includes various options which fall under your criteria. We encourage subscribers to readily make use of the list provided as listings go very quickly due to high demand.


    Do you post the availability first on the site? Or do you send me first?

    A variety of listings some of which are posted on the site will be sent to you, however not all listings that are on the website are visible individuals which provide subscribers with a wider variety to select from.


    Do you resend the Sunday Papers?
    Our listings that are provided are sourced from various mediums which may include the Sunday Papers.


    Will I be guaranteed a house?

    A service is offered to provide search assistance where the outcome is often positive, however, there is not a definite guarantee which is depending on the scarcity and preferences surrounding your criteria.


    What if I don’t receive anything during the 30 days of my subscription?

    The chances to not receive any listings are depending on the scarcity of the listings which you desire. In the event that you have not received any listings, we will extend your subscription to allow for more time to get results.

    How do I upload?

    1. Go to Jamaica Classified Online:
    2. At the Top Right corner of the website click the Menu icon (three-lines) beside “Hi Guest”
    3. Enter the email and password provided above.
    4. Once logged in, select the Menu icon (three-lines) again.
    5. Along the list of option Select Post an Ad
    6. Enter required details for the item being listed
    7. Upload images if necessary.

    Do I have to pay to upload?

    To upload an Ad on the site is free of cost, however, we do offer additional services at a cost if you wish for your Ads to be more visible to viewers.

    Can I advertise my business or service?

    Yes, you can advertise your business or service with us for further assistance you may dial the number provided:876-970-5657

    How long are my ads active for?

    Your Ads will remain active on the site unless removed from your account if the offer is no longer available.

    How do I sign up?

    To sign up you can click on the link provided: You can then enter the required information such as your name, email and password to create an account.

    How do I access your rental assistance or search assistance?

    You can access our rental service via our WhatsApp line by clicking this link or using these numbers, 876-852-4016 or 876-486-8274

    How do I access premium ads?

    After you upload your free ad, while still logged in and viewing your ad, look for the 'Go Premium' button link shown on your Ad.

    How to deactivate my ad?

    Once logged into your account, select the menu icon (“three lines at the top right”)

    Select “My Ads”, then click on the Ad you wish to deactivate.

    Select the three dots to the far right where you will see an option listed to deactivate.

    How to edit my ad?

    Once logged into your account, select the menu icon (“three lines at the top right”)

    Select “My Ads”, then click on the Ad you wish to edit.

    Select the three dots to the far right where you will see an option listed to edit.

    Is this service really free?

    Yes, the service to post an Ad on the site is free of cost.

    How do you make money?

    Our website is owned by our award-winning parent company ThinkBrite Solutions where we offer various services, focusing on software, applications and web development.

    How does it work?

    The premium feature allows your Ads to be seen at the top of its category page and also on the home page on our website.

    How much does it cost?

    The cost to enable the premium feature on each of your Ads would be 1500 JMD or 12 USD for a 30 day subscription. Additional days may be activated by making contact with us at 18769705557

    How can I make my ad premium?

    You are able to select the “Go premium” option on each Ad where you can pay this fee through your PayPal account or you may contact us, where the bank account information will be provided to deposit the fee once that is done your premium subscription will be activated after we have verified the receipt of payment.

    How long does my premium ad last?

    The premium subscription lasts for 30 days once activated. However, additional days can be paid for by contacting us at 18769705557

    What are the benefits?

    With this feature, your Ad will be made a priority on the page which it falls on and shown on the top. With your Ad being at the top of the page, it will become more visible to viewers on the site and gives your Ad significant reach to visitors. We also include our premium ads in our Advertising campaigns on our other platforms such as Social media and Google

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