Premium Ads Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

The premium feature allows your Ads to be seen at the top of its category page and also on the home page on our website.

How much does it cost?

The cost to enable the premium feature on each of your Ads would be 1500 JMD or 12 USD for a 30 day subscription. Additional days may be activated by making contact with us at 18769705557

How can I make my ad premium?

You are able to select the “Go premium” option on each Ad where you can pay this fee through your PayPal account or you may contact us, where the bank account information will be provided to deposit the fee once that is done your premium subscription will be activated after we have verified the receipt of payment.

How long does my premium ad last?

The premium subscription lasts for 30 days once activated. However, additional days can be paid for by contacting us at 18769705557

What are the benefits?

With this feature, your Ad will be made a priority on the page which it falls on and shown on the top. With your Ad being at the top of the page, it will become more visible to viewers on the site and gives your Ad significant reach to visitors. We also include our premium ads in our Advertising campaigns on our other platforms such as Social media and Google

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