For Sale: The Complete Python Pro Bootcamp For 2021 Course - $5,000

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What you would learn in 100 Days of Code - The Complete Python Pro Bootcamp for 2021 course?

Welcome to 100 Days of Code – The Complete Python Pro Bootcamp. This is the only course that will teach you how to program in Python. My courses have received over 100,000 reviews and an average of 4.8.

Learn to create 1 project every day in Python for 100 days.

This Python course covers 56+ hours and is the longest available online. This course is suitable for anyone with no programming experience. Here are the reasons:





  • The instructor of the course is App Brewery's lead instructor, London's premier in-person programming Bootcamp.












  • This course has been updated to 2021-ready. You'll learn the most recent tools and technologies used by large companies like Apple, Google, and Netflix.












  • The course is not cut out. There are animated explanation videos and real-world projects that you can build. You can find examples: Tinder Auto Swiper, Snake Game, Blog Website, LinkedIn Submit Job Application.












  • This curriculum was created over 2 years with extensive student testing and feedback.












  • Over 600,000 students have been taught how to code by us. Many of these students went on to become professional developers or to start their own tech companies.












  • Enrolling will save you over $12,000 and give you access to the same materials, instructor, and curriculum as the in-person Bootcamp.












  • This course is continuously updated with new content and new modules. Students decide what they want.









We will guide you through engaging tutorials and show you how to become a Python developer.

This course contains over 56 hours worth of HD video tutorials. It will help you to build your programming skills while completing real-world Python projects.

This comprehensive course covers a wide range of technologies and tools.





  • Python 3 - The latest Python version












  • PyCharm, Jupyter Notebook and Google Colab












  • Python Scripting and Automation












  • Python Game Development












  • Web Scraping












  • Beautiful soup












  • Selenium Web Driver












  • Send an email












  • WTForms












  • Data Science












  • Pandas












  • NumPy












  • Matplotlib












  • Plot












  • Scikit Learn












  • Seaborn












  • Turtle












  • Python GUI Desktop App Development












  • Tkinter












  • Front-End Web Development












  • HTML 5












  • CSS 3












  • Bootstrap 4












  • Bash Command Line












  • Git, GitHub, and Version Control












  • Backend Web Development












  • Flask












  • REST












  • APIs












  • Databases












  • SQL












  • SQLite












  • PostgreSQL












  • Authentication












  • Web Design












  • Deployment using GitHub Pages, Heroku, and GUnicorn












  • And much more!









You will be fluent in Python programming by the end of the course.

A portfolio of 100 projects will be built that you can present to potential employers. This includes:





  • Blackjack












  • Snake Game












  • Pong Game












  • Auto Swipe on Tinder












  • LinkedIn - Auto Job Application












  • Automate Birthday Emails/SMS












  • Fully Functional Blog Website












  • Create Your Own Public API












  • Google Trends Data Science












  • Analyzing Lego Datasets












  • Analysis of Google App Store












  • And much more!









Register today, and you can look forward to:





  • Video Lectures












  • Exercises and Code Challenges












  • Fully-Fledged Projects












  • Quizzes












  • Programming Resources and Cheatsheets












  • Download












  • Our bestseller 12 Rules to Learn to Code eBook









Course Content:





  • Learn to program in Python professionally












  • Learn Python programming by creating 100 projects in 100 days












  • To apply for developer jobs, create a portfolio of 100 Python programs












  • Learn how to create fully functional websites and apps using Python












  • Learn how to use Python for machine learning and data science












  • Python can be used to build games such as Snake, Pong, and Blackjack.












  • Python allows you to create GUIs and Desktop apps.












  • Learn how to use modern frameworks such as Selenium, Beautiful Soup and Request, Flask, Pandas. NumPy, Scikit Learn, Plotly. Matplotlib. Seaborn.









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