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Premium Ads are always shown at the top of its category and matching search results. This gives your post first priority for being viewed by potential buyers. This is crucial as Jamaica Classified Online has hundreds of new uploads per week and it means your uploaded post will eventually go further down in the list of items being viewed.


When you Go Premium with your Ad, you will notice the difference with your ad having some visual enhancements and a premium badge while quickly increasing your chances of getting your item sold. Premium Packages

Premium Packages
Days Price Placement
30 $10 Top of your ad category & matching search results
* Add $2 more to include on Home Page
How do I go Premium?

Option 1: After uploading your item, and still logged in, view the item and click on 'Go Premium' button

Option 2: Call us at 970-5657 or WhatsApp (876) 990-7171 and we will make it Premium it for you

* Payments need to be confirmed before the Ad is made premium. This is automatic if payment is done via PayPal
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